Thursday, October 21

the end

Today was the day to say goodbye to my "little" garden.

Last spring I built two 4x4 square foot garden boxes. I was able to grow quite a few things in that little bit of space.  Some things I will never plant again - lettuce.  Whatever lettuce I planted this summer was grody to the max!  Some things needed to be planted earlier - spinach.  Others just didn't like where they were planted - tomatoes.  I grew them up a tomato vine that I made myself, but think I trimmed them back too much.  Then there is the water issue.  The HOA here at my townhome community thinks it's necessary to water  e v e r y s i n g l e  night at 11:30.  The grass gets a bit soggy and you can imagine what that does for veggies that should only be watered every few days.  Since I can't change the sprinklers, I do what I can.

However, a few things did quite well:
onions (several varieties)
chard (rainbow, red, swiss)
carrots (the short ones)
mint (went OUT OF CONTROL!!)
and basil.
I love basil.

One of our favorite summer meals is fresh tomatoes and basil over pasta.
I planted two varieties this summer.  The standard sweet basil and not-so standard opal basil.  Both were dee-lish.

They were so beautiful poking out of my harvest basket that I had to take a picture of them.
After clearing out the majority of the boxes, Miss Pink and I thought it was time to plant some seeds.  I was busy adding compost to the squares and I turned around to discover that she had opened the packet of spinach and was planting seeds everywhere.  It will be interesting to see what grows early next spring.

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