Wednesday, April 13

CTR Towel Tutorial

Remember several months ago when I mentioned that I needed to get a certain project done?
Well, other things came up, the sewing machine made it's way back upstairs, and the towels have been staring at me ever since.

Last week I decided enough was enough and I finished the towels.
We only have two boys getting baptized this year, and they were baptized in March and April (by the way, they LOVED their CTR towels - or at least their moms did).
I went ahead and made extras - orange, yellow, and green.  Then we're covered if anyone moves in!
The Primary President also wanted a few for her grandchildren.

I would love to take credit for this, but that would not be "choosing the right".
I found the idea here.

I used two different towels.  Some were from Target and the rest were from Walmart.  The Walmart towels are fluffier, but I like the bottom on the Target ones better.  The Target ones don't have the hem lines on them.  (I'm not sure what they are called, but you can see them below the yellow CTR shield.)
So, this is how I did the project.  Feel free to copy.  I sure did.

1.  Find some white towels and super cute fabric.

2.  Print out the CTR shield on card stock, then cut it out.

3.  Trace the CTR shield onto iron-on paper.  I used Heat 'n Bond because that's what I had, leftover from this and this.  Make sure you trace the pattern out BACKWARDS!  It always takes me about 5 minutes of double-checking to make sure that I am doing it right.  Trust me, do it backwards.

4.  Cut around the outside of the shield leaving about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of paper beyond the pattern.  Get out your super cute fabric and iron the pattern onto the back (the ugly side) of your fabric.

5.  Cut out the letters and shield.

6.  Position them where you want them on the towel and iron them on.

7.  Stitch around the letters and shield with your sewing machine.
I like the zig-zag.
I will admit, it's tricky.  I had never used terry cloth before and I have a hard time on tight corners.  I figure, if you use matching thread, then you really can't see the mistakes that were made with love.

8.  Print out this poem.

Sorry you'll have to copy and paste it into your own document.
I'm not super fancy and I haven't figured out how to give you a link for it.  :)

My Baptism Towel
This towel will help to remind you

Of your glorious Baptism Day,

When you chose to follow the Savior,
To be righteous, and walk in His way.
When you come up out of the water,
So pure and so clean, without a sin:
Use this towel to dry and to warm you
And prepare for new strength from within.
A Gift from your Father awaits you,
By hands blessed with priesthood power.
The Holy Ghost can then guide you,
And direct you from hour to hour.
Sometimes you may not heed his warnings,
This Comforter whom God has sent.
That’s when you will need Christ’s Atonement,
So you can pray, fast, and repent.
Your Heavenly Father smiles with you
As you enter His Kingdom, His way.
This towel is a special reminder

Of the covenants you make today.
~T.J. Eich

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Stephanie said...

I love these! They are so cute! What a great idea. Thanks for the instructions. I'm going to copy :)


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