Wednesday, December 29

Sister Saturday

We had a double shower for Sister Saturday this month (yes, I know, it was on a Wednesday and not a Saturday, but the name stays the same regardless of which day of the week it is held on...) for my cousin K who had a baby boy in November and my little sister G who is having a boy in April.
 My cousin K is an amazing person.  I truly admire her and her positive attitude.  She just had her fourth boy!  She is a wonderful mother and I can only imagine that she is the BEST teacher in the world.  I wish my son could be in her class.  :)
My brother in law is a photographer, hence the camera shirt.
 My littler sister G is pretty awesome too.  She is able to get her creative juices flowing like nobody else's business.  (Remember the Proclamation book???  She did all of the design work by herself.)  She's one of my best friend's and I miss her when she is so far away.
Our Sister Saturday ended up being on the night of a terrible storm.  Mr. Blue was worried about me driving to my parent's house so he came home early and kicked me out of the house so that I could head down.  I thought that was a little rude of him since I hadn't finished my gifts yet, but he insisted that I leave so I did.  I packed up my sewing machine, grabbed my pot of butternut squash soup (it was soooo dang good too!!!), and the rest of my "supplies" and made the trek.

I arrived at my parent's house and set up my station at one end of the kitchen table.  My sister had taken up the other end of the table.  I sewed like crazy for the next hour and a half to finish up 12 onesies that I was giving to my sister and cousin for their babies.  I finished with time to spare and my sister swears that she didn't see the ones I was making for her.  Hmmm, maybe that's because she had to start making another pot of soup since my mom was having a difficult time getting home from work.

I cleaned up my mess, made the table cute (thanks Mom for providing the decor!), and helped finish up the food.  Everyone made it through the storm and we enjoyed a fun evening filled with delicious food, fun stories, laughing, baby pictionary, giggling, more stories, more laughter, and of course dessert.  I love my Sister Saturdays.
I'm pretty sure I cracked a really great joke right before I took this picture of my aunt.
My cousin K's little guy, Z.
Don't you worry, I made "Z" onesies for him.  They turned out super cute!!! 

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