Thursday, December 30

Family Fun

My sister G lives in Maryland.  That's way faraway.  I don't get to see her very often so it has been nice having her in town for a few weeks with her husband and daughter.  While they have been here we have done several fun things.  Besides all of the Christmas-y things we also found time to do a few other things.

We took a tour of the Sweets Candy Factory.  (Sorry, completely spaced it and didn't take a picture.)  We watched a little video about the history of the candy company.  Then is was time for everyone to put on their hair nets.  Most of them went on without complaint, but it's pretty hard to explain to an almost one year old, and almost two year old, that they have to keep them on or else...We all worked hard on distracting those two throughout the tour and we all made it to the end.  My kids were pretty impressed by the HUGE barrel of sugar.
We also spent time at the Dinosaur Museum.  The kids, as always, wanted to play in the water and sand. They probably would have stayed there all day if we hadn't bribed them with lunch with Grandma if they would get out of the sand!
Mr. Orange and cousin D built several dams and were thrilled when they knocked them down and sent dinosaurs everywhere.
Why, oh why, can we not bypass the "dig site"?

We ate lunch with Grandma in her secret eating place.  The kids love to eat with Grandma at work!  Maybe it's because they know they can always sweet talk her into an ice cream cone when they are finished with lunch.  

Another day I went out to lunch with my sister's (yes, my new sister-in-law was there too, I just consider her a sister now) and mom.  My mom brought her "If?" book and we found out all sorts of things about each other.  Sorry, I cannot divulge any of the information I found out here on this blog.

Afterwards we went to my sister's house and relieved the men-folk from "kid-watching".  My brothers-in-law headed up to Alta to "ski free after 3".  My mom, brother, and sister-in-law all headed out leaving my sister's and I alone with the kids. YIKES!  We planned on going to an early movie when the guys got back from skiing.  Plans quickly changed when we realized that the boys were not going to be home anytime soon.  It was super stormy up the canyon and they had trouble getting down.
Since we were stranded at my sister's and the kids were all having a great time, we let the older cousins have movie night while the younger cousins passed out upstairs.  Have you seen "Despicable Me" yet?  If you haven't, you really should.  It makes me laugh right out loud, and even makes me misty-eyed in some parts.  All too soon it was time to go home and put the kiddos to bed.

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