Wednesday, November 17


(image from the internet.  pretty obvious since i don't know how to paint.)
A few months ago the kids and I went to my parents house for a "stay-cation" while Mr. Blue went to a scout jamboree.  The events leading up to Mr. Blue finally getting to the jamboree were quite "exciting".  Here are the details as taken from a chat my sister and I were having a few days later...

Sister:  What happened to Mr. Blue, by the way?

Me:  He was headed out to the scout jamboree on Friday night and he was picking up the last boy.  The family wouldn't answer the door so Mr. Blue went sneaking around back to see if they were there.  A german shepherd came around the corner and stared at Mr. Blue.  Mr. Blue stared back and knew what was going to happen.  Mr. Blue said that he put his arms up really big to scare it off.  I told him you do that to bears NOT dogs!!!  He turned around and started to run for his car.  He thought he could climb up on top of his car before the dog reached him.  As soon as he turned the dog caught him and bit him right on the left butt cheek.

Next thing he knew the dad and son were running towards him yelling, 'Down!!! CUDDLES! Down!!!'  Yes, that's right, the dog's name was Cuddles.  I'm not sure what's funnier, the fact that Mr. Blue was trying to run to jump on his car, the fact that the dog bit him, or the fact that the dog's (a really big german shepherd) name was Cuddles.

Mr. Blue and the boys headed over to another leader's house to meet up with everybody else.  The leader happens to be a cop.  Mr. Blue filled him in on what happened.  The leader said, 'I've been bit by a lot of german shepherds.  You should go to the doctor.'

Mr. Blue said he wanted to take a look at it and asked to use the bathroom.  The leader's wife said, 'Well, if you're going to look at it, you are going to need a hand mirror.'  She found one and Mr. Blue headed to the bathroom.  It was bleeding.  He asked the leader to come and take a look at it.  The leader looked at it for one second and said, 'Get to the doctor.'

Mr. Blue took all of his boys back home and headed to the Urgent Care.  He got a shot, had his sore pressure washed, and got a pretty sweet bandage put on.  A little while later I got a text from Mr. Blue.  I opened my phone and there were his two white butt cheeks staring at me with a big white bandage on one of them.  (I laughed so hard I was crying!)   Mr. Blue left the Urgent Care, picked up his boys again, and went to the jamboree.  When he arrived at the jamboree entrance later the guys at the gate knew exactly who Mr. Blue was.  They had been talking about him since the other half of the boys arrived an hour earlier.

Sister:  Ohhhh!  Poor Mr. Blue.  That is awful!  And all for doing a good deed and just trying to pick up that boy!

Me:  I have been laughing so hard over this that my eyes are red and my cheeks are tear stained!


mommaquincy said...

I had no idea! Apparently he is healed!

Andrea Holley said...

That's pretty funny! We miss seeing you guys.

seth.geri.hazel said...

I still feel bad for him doing that good deed and having a wife that just giggles. Okay, so makes me laugh, too :)


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