I live in a townhouse and while we are blessed to have a backyard at all, it is pretty small.  We have one little green tree in our backyard and I love it.  When we moved in 6 years ago, our townhouse was new.  The builders did some pretty awesome landscaping.  They threw down some grass and left a 3 foot barrier down the back of the house and filled it in with rocks.  It was purty.  The summer we moved in I had a baby, so I don't think I even looked at the backyard.  The next summer the rocks were on their way out.  I decided to take them out now and cross my fingers that the HOA wouldn't care.  My yard is a work in progress.  Are they ever really finished?  Over the years I have pulled out the majority of the rocks, pulled up grass, planted flowers like crazy, and have made my own little square foot garden.  You can see what I've been up to in the yard HERE.


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