Tuesday, April 24

Simple Joys

This past weekend was full of simple joys...

Friday was early out day so Miss Pink and I pumped up the tires on my bike and the bike trailer and headed to Mr. Orange's school to pick him up.  The ride there wasn't too bad.  Mr. Orange hopped in the back of the trailer and the ride home nearly killed me off.  Not only did I have 50 extra pounds in the trailer, but the wind was blowing right at me and the trailer acted like a parachute pulling me back.  The kids and I made it home.  I hope that someday the kids will be together telling stories and one will start out with, "Remember when Mom used to take us to school in that bike trailer?"
Mr. Blue had a scout campout that night so the kids and I decided it had better be movie night.  Mr. Orange rode his bike and I pulled Miss Pink in the trailer.  We went to the local Redbox and picked out Spooky Buddies.  (My opinion - Awful.  Mr. Orange's opinion - Liked it.  One part was scary, we fast forwarded through it.  Miss Pink's opinion - I didn't like the dog with the green eyes.)  We took the long way home and enjoyed a nice ride through the neighborhoods and stopped to smell blossoms on the trees.
Saturday morning we were all beat.  I can't seem to sleep when Mr. Blue is not home so I stay up until 2 in the morning so that I can pass out in bed.  I bribed the kids with a trip to Wheeler Farm if they would help me clean the house.  They worked so hard and constantly asked what else they could do to help.  Since they held up their end of the bargain, I held up mine.

Side track for a minute...  Several months ago I went to get in the car and noticed scratch marks on the drivers side of the car.  I asked Mr. Blue if he knew when it had happened and he did not.  Miss Pink comes in the room and says, "Oh, I was just decorating the car with rocks."  (Really??!!!)  We had a nice discussion about keeping rocks OFF of the car.
Back to Wheeler Farm...  I parked the car and got out and noticed some scratches on the car next to me.  I looked closer and, in rock scratches it says, "I LOVE YOU MOM!"  Yes, I laughed right out loud and said in my mind, "Praise be, I am not the only one whose kids 'decorate' the car!"
The kids and I had a great time at the Farm, then we got hot (since when is it 80*+ in Utah in April???), and came home.  Mr. Blue and I actually went out on a date, just the two of us.  We asked the kids if they wanted us to stay home and hang out with them instead and they both said, "NO!  We want T & A!!!"  (Mr. Orange is pretty much in looooove with the babysitters.)  I'll admit it was nice to go to dinner, run errands, and hold hands.
Miss Pink was sick Sunday Morning so Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange went to church without us.  Mr. Orange came home and I was helping him get his suit off when he said, while eyeballing his bookcase next to him, "Hey Mom.  Guess what President Monson loved to read when he was a boy?"
Me:  Peter Pan?
Mr. Orange:  Nope.
Mr. Orange:  Yup.  (Insert a HUGE smile here.)
He thought it was pretty cool that we are reading that book too, although we are currently sidetracked with Peter and the Starcatchers.
Miss Pink felt better later in the afternoon so we found a park to play at.  The kids played on the swings, ran up and down the giant hill, got really dirty, built a grass nest, and of course Mr. Blue threw them in the air.
I know I have said this a kazillion times on this blog, but I love how easy it is for kids to find joy in life.  It's as simple as an underdog, a toss in the air, or watching birds fly in formation overhead.  It reminds me of how the scriptures teach us to become like little children.  If we truly pay attention to our children, we can learn so much.

I love it when Miss Pink runs up to me at random times throughout the day to give my legs or arms a "squeezer", then she looks up at me and says, "I love you Momma!"

I love it when Mr. Orange gets home from school and runs in the backyard, then comes running back in  yelling at the top of his lungs, "Mom!  Mom!  You've gotta come see this!"  Then he shows me how the bleeding heart has grown, or that flowers have opened, or that the clematis is getting bigger.
These are my simple joys.


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I love those silhouettes. Great photos! Looks like fun too.

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Such beautiful images - I loved it!

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Beautiful pictures! I love this whole post :)


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