Friday, April 20

Big News

Mr. Orange announced the other day that he had 7 loose teeth.  Since last year he has lost 3 teeth.  One tooth was very loose and looked like it might be ready to come out.  Tuesday night I tried pulling it, but stopped when I saw Mr. Orange's eyes glistening.  It was not ready to pop out.  Wednesday night Mr. Blue came home for dinner, took a look at the tooth, and said, "I can get that tooth out, no problem."  He went upstairs for a few minutes and came back with a long piece of thread.
 Somehow he talked Mr. Orange into letting him tie the thread to his loose tooth.
Mr. Orange sat really still while Mr. Blue tied the other end to the door handle.
Mr. Blue told Miss Pink to shut the door when he got to 3.



"Miss Pink, shut the door."
 "Miss Pink are you going to shut the - "

(Mr. Blue shut the door.)
 And out popped Mr. Orange's tooth!
 It took us a few seconds to find it.
Mr. Orange was glad to have his tooth out, but when asked how he liked having a string tied to his tooth he replied, "I'm never doing that again!"

Four teeth down.
Many more to go.

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scrappinsmiles said...

VERY brave to let Dad do that. LOL


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