Sunday, May 1

a pretty big deal

Something happened this afternoon at our house that was a  p r e t t y  b i g  d e a l!
Mr. Blue said it would take a few more days,
but Mr. Orange and I knew better.
It's been in the works for about a month now.
We twisted and wiggled.
(Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue and I each took several turns.)
 It took the whole entire family.
 Mr. Orange kept saying, "It's going to come out!  I know it will."
 He told me it was time to make the Tooth Fairy pillow.
We spent some time this afternoon going through the very small pile of fabric to find the perfect fabrics for his pillow.  (Of course he wanted it to be RED!)
Then we eyeballed it and came up with this little beauty.
Personally, I think it's PERFECT.  Mr. Orange thinks so too.
 We finished the pillow just in time.
His tooth popped out 5 minutes later!
 Mr. Orange was beside himself.
He was sooooooooo excited!
 He had me take a picture and text it to the family,
then he called his Primary teacher.
Oh, my!  was she excited!
She came over later this evening to bring him a treat and to see the hole in his mouth and his tooth for herself.
She oohed and aahed over it.
She was very impressed.
 He's growing up.
He really is.
Right before my eyes.
Before I know it he will have all of his "big" teeth and will be a man.
Please slow down.
Just a little bit.

I can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings him.
(He had Mr. Blue crack the window before he went to bed to make sure that she could get into our house.)
I sure do love this kid!

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Grant School PTO said...

Fantastic story and gorgeous photos! Congrats! Welcome to the club. Eben & Graham are getting rich off the tooth fairy too.
: )


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