Wednesday, May 4


Back in January my sister and I decided to do a detox.  Um, that lasted about a day.

Fast forward to the end of February.  My pants started to get tighter.

Fast forward to the end of March.  My pants were even tighter.

Fast forward to April.  My pants were seriously getting tight, but I refused to go and buy more.  Number one, I don't have the cashola to run out and buy new pants.  Number two, I have pants in my closet waiting to be worn (and shorts too when the weather decides to warm up!)  I was starting to muffin top
over my pants.  It was uncomfortable to wear my pants at all.  I would wear them about 8 times before washing them and then when I did wash them I would hang them up to dry.  When I put them on I would spritz them with water, then hop/squat around the bathroom to try and get the buggers to loosen up already!

I decided it was time to try the detox again.

I did a prep week last week.  It went pretty well, up until the weekend when I indulged in my kids Easter candy, ate popcorn at the movie, and had an ice cream cone with Mr. Blue.  (I won't mention all the other "cheaters" I ate throughout the week.)

So here I am, 4 days into my green smoothie detox and I feel great.  I'm supposed to drink 1-3 green smoothies day.  I thought I would die, but I am loving it.  The recipes have been fantastic and they have tasted so fresh.  Okay, I admit, a few of them have been a bit like drinking the sludge off the bottom of a lake, but those are the exception, not the rule.  Also, I REFUSE to put celery in anything.  Just not going to do it.  I am getting totally off track right now.  Back to the point.  I am loving this detox.  I haven't been hungry and I really haven't craved anything.  (Although I did really want to sneak a Wheat Thin this evening.  I didn't.)  I have had tons of energy.  I've been running for the past few weeks and I keep shaving seconds off my times.  It's exciting.  I feel great in the morning.  And the best part is, I can button up my pants again.

I won't pass on any of the recipes that are in the actual detox, but I'll pass on some of the ones I've made up soon.

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