Wednesday, February 15

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was such a busy day for us!

It started at 5:15 for me when I went for a run.  Mr. Blue was out of the house by 6:30.  I taught Mr. Orange's P.E. class in the morning, ran some errands while Miss Pink was at her friends.  Picked Mr. Orange up from school, did some quick homework, dropped him off at art class, ran home wrapped presents and set the dinner table, picked Mr. Orange up from art class, dropped him off at music class, ran back home, made homemade pitas, started on dinner, Mr. Blue came home, had him pick Mr. Orange up, finished dinner....


Before we could eat dinner the kids wanted to open their presents.
As is tradition, we gave them each two books.

For Mr. Orange:

For Miss Pink:

The kids were excited about their books.  Mr. Orange loooooves anything pirate, so what better than Treasure Island?  We have already read a few chapters and he is loving it.  Miss Pink loooooves anything to do with dance (except dance class) so I thought Tallulah's Tutu would be perfect for her.  It really is a cute book.  I love giving my children books.  I decided to give them each another poetry book (I started doing that last year).  I love Robert Frost, so I thought maybe Mr. Orange would too, so far so good.  Miss Pink loves this little poetry book that I gave her.  It has poems by many poets.  She likes to find a picture in the book and then we read the poems on that page.

So, back to Valentine's Day.  The kids opened up their gifts, Mr. Blue and I exchanged ours, and then we ate dinner.  I really need to stop experimenting on holidays!  The homemade pitas were really yummy, as was the salad.  I made Moroccan Chickpeas, and they were really good, just not quite what I wanted for our Valentine's dinner.

I thought the kids would "pass out" after dinner, we ate later than usual, but that was not the case.  Mr. Blue left right after dinner to go back to work.  The kids and I read their new books, I kissed them goodnight, and then....Mr. Orange wanted to read books in his bed.  Fine.  Miss Pink wanted to play "for 5 minutes" in her room.  Fine.  Mr. Orange went to sleep a little while later, Miss Pink continued to play until, oh, just 10:30.  (Um, yeah, she was ornery today!)  I spent a romantic evening with myself watching the Biggest Loser and ironing.  Pretty sweet, eh?

I must say that I am blessed to have the family that I have.  I love Mr. Blue.  He has been working soooo hard lately - such looooong days (and nights).  I'm so grateful for all that he does for us.  Mr. Orange is getting so smart.  He is thoughtful and kind.  Miss Pink is full of spunk.  I'm glad that I can be home with her during the day, she is my little pal and is a great helper.

I love you all.  :)

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