Monday, February 13

{Monday Memory} Hulk? Darth Mal?

Miss Pink has a problem.
She looooooves markers.
Not so much to draw on paper with.
But more to draw on herself with.
This is not the first (second, third, fourth, or even twentieth time this has happened).
Mr. Blue and I got smart awhile back and switched out all of our markers to washable markers.
It has helped some...
But what do you do when the Hulk appears in your living room????
Picture from my phone
 The Hulk look only lasted a few minutes.
Washable Marker
Clean Miss Pink

The next day however I had been busy doing laundry upstairs.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could smell it.
You know the smell, it's undeniable...SHARPIE!
(Darn it!  She found the one Sharpie that hadn't been put back on TOP of the cabinets!!!)
I couldn't see Miss Pink anywhere.
I said, "I know what you have done.  Please come out."
And what came around the corner????
Picture from my phone
Darth Mal?
Tigress from Kung Fu Panda?
Um...I 'm out of guesses here.
I had to turn around.
It was too funny.
We went to the store to get something before we went on a walk and as we were leaving Miss Pink says, "Why does everyone keep looking at me?"
Hmmmmmm, I wonder!

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