Saturday, February 11

Date Night with Dad

Mr. Blue has been working nonstop lately.
The kids were sooooo excited to have Date Night with Dad.

I was headed over to my sister's house for our Green Smoothie Girl night.
(We like to get together with a group of "12 Steppers" to bounce ideas and tips off of each other.)

Date Night did not disappoint.
Photo from Mr. Blue's iPhone
Mr. Blue took the kids up to the Clarke Planetarium where they were once again mesmerized by the ball track.  I am pretty sure that Mr. Orange would have stood in that same spot the entire night if Mr. Blue had let him!  They went to see Laser U2.  Mr. Orange LOVED it - kid after my own heart.  Miss Pink got a little scared and so Mr. Blue took the kids to dinner.  Then they chased each other around the Gateway before coming home.

When it is Date Night with Dad I am never sure who is more excited about it - Mr. Blue or the kids.  I think Mr. Blue was more excited this week.  It seems like he hardly sees the kids right now and he has been missing them!!  I'm so happy to have a husband who LIKES to spend time with his kids!

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