Wednesday, April 25

Let's Play Music Recital - Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange is an official graduate of the Let's Play Music program.
I'll admit it, I was a proud mom tonight.
For their third year recital, the students compose and perform their own piece of music.
Mr. Orange wrote a piece called, "Mansion of Halloween."
He practiced his little heart out for the recital.  I asked him at one point if he was nervous and he said, "No."  Of course he wasn't nervous, what was I thinking?  He was super excited to get dressed up and perform.  As I watched him walk up to the piano I had a flash of the past three years while we have been involved in this program and I was amazed at how far he has come.  All of the before school practicing, song singing, late dinners have been worth it.

I had to smile as he started to play his song.  He was so confident and sure of himself.  So proud of the song that he had written by himself.  Just three years ago he was trying to keep time during his recital playing a simple song on a bell set.  Last year he was playing a song (with burnt fingers) with the other 4 kids in his class, and tonight, there he was, playing his own wonderful song.
He has grown up (but not too much!!).

Thank you Miss J (1st year) and Mrs. T (2nd & 3rd years) for helping Mr. Orange discover his love of music.

(Mr. Orange is not sure about private lessons.  He wants to see his friends each week still!!)
I am so proud of you Mr. Orange.  You are a wonderful pianist and I look forward to hearing more and more of your compositions and listening to your fingers "tickle the ivories" for years to come.

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