Saturday, May 21

mr. orange's recital

Mr. Orange had his piano recital Thursday night.  I have to say that I had one of those  mom moments.  You know the one where you feel like a mother bird with her feathers poking out all over?  I feel like that sometimes when my kids do something that is just. plain. awesome!  Anyway, tonight I had all of my proud mama feathers poking out all over the place as I watched him perform.
This is a picture of his class.  They are singing a song about the music alphabet.
Mr. Orange and I have not been very stellar about practicing regularly (the first half of the year we did great, second half, not so much) and I was really surprised when he was able to play 4 out of his 6 songs without his music.  As the kids played, he was right on beat the whole time.
Proud Mama!
Doesn't he just look so handsome sitting there?
I could gobble him rrrrrrright up!!!
As a way to introduce classical music, the kids learn 2 puppet shows each semester to classical pieces.
It's a totally amazing way to teach children to enjoy classical music!
This just happened to be our favorite puppet show - it was about pirates.  AARGH!!!
An official graduate of Let's Play Music year two.
(you should check it out.  the program is pretty amazing!)
On to year three!
I am so proud of this boy!
PS - the third years compose their own piece of music at the end of the year to play at the recital.
I am looking forward to that!

Oh, and I should tell you that before we left I had turned on the iron so I could iron his shirt.  Mr. Orange walked into my bedroom and touched the iron.  He didn't say anything to me, just went into his bathroom and started to run his finger under the water.  I found him a few minutes later, and with tears in his eyes said, "I didn't know your iron was on and I touched it."  I looked at his finger (on his right hand, of course!!) and sure enough there was a blister straddling his joint.  Ugh!  He watered it until we left the house, then when we pulled up to the recital place he asked if we could say a prayer.  We said a prayer and headed inside.  He sat on my lap and I would rub his finger for a few minutes, then he would shake his hand for a few minutes, and we went back and forth until it was time for his class to perform.  He got up there and played every piece.  After the recital I asked how his finger was doing.  He said, "I got up there and took a deep breath like you told me.  Then we started to play and I just forgot that my finger was burned.  It was just like the prayer."

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father knew Mr. Orange needed a little extra help.  :)

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