Monday, November 15

kindness part 2

Miss Pink has decided that she likes to pull her Barbie's legs off.  So before dinner last night she says, "Mom.  I want another Princess Barbie."  I said to her, "Miss Pink, if you can't take care of your dolls, I am not going to get you anymore."  (I'm pretty nice, I know.)  Then Mr. Orange speaks up and says, "Mom, I will still get Miss Pink Barbie's for her birthday and for Christmas because she likes them, and I am a nice big brother."  I guess he's right.  It doesn't really matter if she draws all over their faces, pulls their legs off, chew on their feet, etc.  They are her Barbies.  If she likes them that way, than who am I to tell her otherwise.  (I think the destroying of Barbies is should see mine...)

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