Monday, November 15


November is my month for Sharing Time.  I had everything prepared when I got to church yesterday.  Everything was a bit chaotic because our church schedule was reversed because of the bishopric change.  I went to the Primary room and we waited for the other ward to clear out.  I was kneeling down on the ground helping one of our Primary kids write on the thanks you poster we made for the bishopric.  One of the ladies from the other ward tapped  me on the shoulder.  I stood up and she asked me how many children are in our primary.  I told her that I was expecting about 35 to be there.  She handed me a big yellow envelope full of handouts that she had made and asked if I could use them for my sharing time.  I told her I would love to use them!  I thought it was so kind of her to be willing to share something that she had put so much time and effort into.  I hope to be more kind and thoughtful.  Maybe when the schedules change in January, I'll have to make it a point to make extra handouts for her.  :)

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