Sunday, November 14


Two weeks ago, our Stake President came to our ward to announce that our Bishopric would be changing. He asked each of us to pray during the next two weeks that we might be able to know that our new bishop had been called of God.  Today was the day for the change to take place.

Our former bishop was called 5 years ago when our ward was formed.  I have grown to have a deep love and respect for this man.  I have worked with him on many different levels through my service in the ward.  He is a great example to me in the way he seeks the guidance of the Spirit, how he treats others, and the respect he has for his wife.  His counselors are also great men.  It will be different to go to church next Sunday and to have a new bishopric on the stand.

When the stake president announced our new bishopric, I felt the confirmation of the Spirit letting me know that these men have been called to lead our ward for the next season.  They are all each great men.  Mr. Blue and I went to Trek this past summer and our new bishop was on that youth conference.  I am so grateful that I was able to get to know him then.  He is going to be a wonderful leader.  His counselors will be as well.

PS - This is for S, wow!  Let me know how I can help you!  M is going to be crazy-busy now!!

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Stephanie said...

You are so sweet! We really appreciate all your support. I will definitely be needing some help, especially when the baby comes.


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