Saturday, December 25


Mr. Blue and I were awakened by Mr. Orange bright and early Christmas morning at 8:15.  He said, "Santa came last night."
Me:  Did you go downstairs?  You aren't supposed to go downstairs without the rest of us.
Mr. Orange:  No.  I didn't go downstairs.  I just KNOW that Santa came last night.

We told him to wake up Miss Pink.  We read our final advent scripture and said a prayer together before heading downstairs to see if Santa brought any good treasures.
These two were ready.  They could hardly hold still for the picture.

We finally made it downstairs and Santa did indeed make it to our house.  There were presents everywhere.  The kids were really good about watching each other open their presents and it was so fun to see their faces as they opened up each present.  There is something about seeing Christmas through your children's eyes that is truly special and magical.  My two favorite gifts of the year were made by the two cuties in the picture above.  Those gifts are priceless.
 Several months ago Mr. Orange found a Target toy catalog that had come in the mail.  He went through and put a star by a few of the toys that he wanted.  Next to the GI Joe vehicle he had drawn stars, a smiley face and a guy waving.  He told me that meant he really, really wanted that toy.  Santa came through and delivered the Night Raven GI Joe transport vehicle.  Think Mr. Orange is excited?  He also asked Santa for some underwater animals - an orka, shark, and eel to be exact.  Santa stuffed his stocking with that too.

Mr. Orange was really good about asking for his toys in advance, except for one toy.  As we were going about our activities on Christmas Eve, Mr. Orange suddenly says, "I want Santa to bring me Hank the Tank."  
Me:  What?  Hank the Tank?  Who's that?
Mr. Orange:  He's from Thomas and I really, really want him.
Me:  Well, don't you think it's a little late to ask Santa for something?  You've already asked him for a few things.
Mr. Orange:  Mom.  Santa's magic.  If I ask him for Hank the Tank he'll bring it.

Mr. Orange did indeed ask Santa for Hank the Tank and underwater animals in his letter on Christmas Eve.  However, Santa let him know that Max, our elf that visits us each year in December to keep an eye on the kids, did not make it back to the North Pole in time for him to get Hank the Tank in the bag.

Kids really need to plan ahead with their Christmas lists....and then stick to it!  No sudden Christmas Eve changes allowed!!
 Miss Pink was easier to please.  When I would ask her what she wanted from Santa she would say, "a candy cane".  Santa delivered.  They both received lots of fun presents this year.

After opening up our gifts we made our way to my parents for breakfast.
 The kids enjoyed playing on the "cubes" and were really antsy to open their presents at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Once the presents were opened they headed back upstairs to play.
 My sister's shamed me once again this year in the parent gift category.  My older sister makes them a really cool scrapbook calendar each year.  (I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one last year.)  My younger sister made my parents (and my older sister) a photo album with the words from The Family: A Proclamation to the World throughout it.  It turned out so beautiful.  She lives out of state, so she kept the siblings here busy finding pictures and slides and then scanning and rescanning images for her.  We found some really funny photos in the process.  It's such an amazing book.  I love the page that my mom is holding open.  It's one of my favorites.
 After the festivities at my parent's we headed to my in-laws for more Christmas fun.  Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange (and Miss Pink, Cousin P and Nana) made the yummiest chocolate pie while we waited for dinner.
Nana, Papa, and Aunt A took the kids on a scavenger hunt to find prizes.  They were racing all over the house and giggling the whole time.  The kids loved it.  (Don't tell, but the adults loved it just as much!)  On both sides of the family we choose names between the siblings for who we will give to that year, so we were surprised when Uncle O and Aunt A sent the kids a huge bag of fun little toys and books.  The kids have had so much fun with that bag of treasures.  Mr. Orange was really excited to see REAL eye patches in there.  He loves being a pirate.  Aargh!

We had such a wonderful Christmas.  I hope you did too.

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