Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Did you love Christmas Eve?  I did.  It was busy, busy, busy, and I didn't get the neighbor gifts out this year (we like to deliver them on Christmas Eve), sorry neighbors, but we has such a wonderful day.

We headed to my parents for lunch with my entire family.  That makes it sounds like there are 45 people in my family, but not so.  10 adults.  5 kids.

We had a yummy lunch and then played some games and enjoyed one another's company for a few hours.
Grandma, always the fun-meister, had some foam gingerbread houses for the kids to put together.
Mr. Orange and Miss Pink spent a lot of time getting theirs just right.

All too soon it was time for our little family to head home to get ready for Christmas Eve.

When we arrived home we started on dinner.  I had two of the greatest helpers a mother could ask for.  They sat right on the counter and helped me every step of the way.  We simplified a bit from last year, but our menu included:
glazed salmon
steamed carrots
steamed broccoli
citrus salad
crusty bread
fizzy drink
By the time dinner was ready, we were starving.  Can you tell we are ready to eat???
The artwork in the background is compliments of Mr. Orange.  He drew all of our Christmas decorations, including the nativity.  Maybe you can notice the angel's wings above Mr. Blue's head.   Baby Jesus is right next to the angel.  I think this piece of art will be up long after Christmas.  I love it too much!
I loved our rendition of the Nativity this year.  I didn't stress out about finding costumes.  Ties, scarves, blankets, etc. did the trick.  Once we were appropriately dressed it was time to begin.  Once again Miss Pink was Mary, Mr. Orange was Joseph.  Miss Pink's baby played Jesus.  Mr. Blue narrated and I played the donkey, wise man, shepherd, angel, and even Herrod.  Mr. Orange actually played all of our songs for us on the piano this year.  Talk about a moment when my little mom bird feathers were all puffed out!
Mary and Joseph headed to Bethlehem.  The donkey barely made it.
Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.  Mr. Orange was kind enough to let us wrap the baby in his blanket.

There were so many times while the story was being read that I looked over at my children and got all misty-eyed.  I love them so much.   I also love my Savior.  I am so grateful that He was born and that we have such a special time each year to celebrate his birth.
When we were finished reading and acting out the Christmas Story, the kids decorated a gingerbread house that our neighbor brought over earlier in the day.  We decided to kill two birds with one stone and they watched one of those weird Rudolph movies on TV at the same time.  I was surprised that so much candy and frosting made it onto the house.  The kids consumed, or licked, most of it before it made it to the house.  They decided they wanted to give Santa the gingerbread house for his snack instead of cookies.  Oh dear!
All too soon it was time for bed.  We read several stories together and the kids hit the sack.  Too bad it was many more hours before Mr. Blue and I were nestled snug in our bed!

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mommaquincy said...

How fun! Some great traditions!


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