Tuesday, December 21


After spending the day working on my "secret project" I picked the kids up from my in-laws (who were nice enough to watch the kids for a few extra hours so I could get ahead on said project) and we headed to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights.  My mom is great and set us up with a horse drawn wagon.  The horses were definitely spirited and I thought we were going to go up and over the car in front of us a few times.  Everyone from my family was there, except for Mr. Blue who was busy working hard for our family.  We sang the wrong words at the top of our lungs to several of the Christmas carols until the driver handed us each a copy of a songbook.  We glanced at it and then continued with our own versions of each of the songs.  Having our own versions of the songs wouldn't be so bad, but it's not like the whole family is singing the wrong words together.  Nope, it's an individual thing.  We're pretty bad.  Maybe sometime I'll post a video of my family singing.  Your ears will hope that I never figure out how to upload videos.

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