Tuesday, December 21

Nothin' for Christmas

 Today we went to Miss Pink's Christmas program.  She has been singing all of the songs in the program for the past month, at least.  She sat through most of the program like this.  (See above.)
 She slowly warmed up and sang some of the songs at the end.  She's so silly.  :)
There are NINE kids in her preschool class.  Miss Pink is one of the youngest.  Every time I see the kids running out of her teacher's house when preschool is over, I think to myself, Bless her heart!  She has them twice a week for two and a half hours.  She does great things with them and I really love the programs that she puts together.  (Mr. Blue had the same teacher for two years.)

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mommaquincy said...

She sang the last few times in nursery. And she gave me a hug when we played red rover. I missed her on Sunday!


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