Tuesday, November 30

Say Cheese?

We decided to have our family pictures taken by my father-in-law while we were in Arizona. We took our nice clothes (from my brother's wedding, and our only coordinating outfits) with us and convinced the kids that it would be "fun" to get our pictures taken.  (I had been talking to Mr. Orange about it for a week.  He does better when he has A LOT of warning about things like smiling in pictures.)  We also told them that if they didn't smile for the pictures in Arizona, where it was warm, then we would have to do them in Utah where it's freezing cold.  It worked.  I now have to decide which one to put on the wall.

I'm sort of leaning towards D or E.


Andrea Holley said...

I LOVE the dress you are wearing. You all look great and the kiddos are adorable!

Stephanie said...

These are so cute. I vote for D. It would make a great conversation piece.


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