Monday, November 22

the wedding and other adventures

(Before you look at any of the pictures in this post, I must say that I forgot to get my good camera out of the car at the wedding and then forgot to take it with me to the reception.  Maybe I'll steal a few good ones from my brother-in-law who actually remembered to get his out of the car.)

On Saturday my little brother, D, married M in the Manti Temple.  My sister and I went down to Manti the night before so that G (my sister) could do M's hair for the wedding.  The ceremony was nice and I am so happy for D & M.
 After the wedding we went outside to take some pictures.  Can I say FREEZING???  I was really glad that it wasn't me getting married so that I could leave after the family pictures were finished!!

We hurried to my in-laws to pick up the kids and then we headed to Thanksgiving Point for the wedding luncheon and reception.  Everything was wonderful and I hope the evening was perfect for M & D.
 Mr. Orange and his cousin D passed the time playing games on Mr. Blue's phone.
M had time to hang out with her new nieces and nephews between pictures and the reception.  She is so sweet and I am so glad that she is part of our family now.
 All of the kids did pretty well until there were about 40 minutes left of the reception.  See that bow tied around the chair in the picture below?  Well the kids pulled those off some of the chairs and thought they were rhythmic gymnasts.  Not really a big deal.  If they were in the backyard. Not so cool at the reception.  The kids all went home with their dad's.  (My brother is so lucky to have 3 older sisters...)
As the reception was ending and D & M were getting ready to leave the wedding coordinator handed us all sparklers with instructions to head outside and light our sparklers as we sent D & M off.  Problem:  It was snowing like crazy!!!  My cousin said we should all put gallon sized ziplock bags on our heads like the lady she had seen walking around San Francisco.  We were short on ziplock bags!  So we all did as we were told and headed out into the snow and wind without coats or ziplock bags, tried our hardest to light our sparklers, waved goodbye to the newlyweds and hurried back inside!!!

After gifts were loaded into various cars, my sister and I realized that we needed to get to my other car that was still at my in-laws.  My other sister and her husband offered to take us out there.  They dropped us off and when I started the car I realized that we needed gas.  We pulled up to a gas station and I hopped out to pump the gas.  (To put things in perspective for you the car said it was 30* outside.  I am guessing that with the raging, wet wind it was more likely around 10* or lower.  It was FREEZING COLD!!!!!  I was wearing a little black dress.)  I put my card in the card reader and pulled it out ready to pump my gas and hop back in the car where it was warm.  The stupid pump started asking me all these questions!!  I was shivering so badly that I couldn't focus and decided to get back in the car to clear my mind.  As I am running around the back end to hop in my side of the car, smarty pants SUV driver decides to cut me off.  Hello!!! I'm in nothing but a little black dress and you are in a LARGE SUV!  Can't you wait 13 seconds until I get in my car to pull out from your pump?  I waved them on and they finally got out of my way so I could get in the car.  I shivered for a few minutes then looked around at my options.

I puppy-dog-eyed my sister but she gave me that dream-on-there-is-no-way-in-you-know-where-that-I-am-pumping-the-gas-for-you look so I surveyed the car.  I knew I didn't have a coat, but spied a garbage bag in the back that I had put over the reception clothes my kids had worn.  I grabbed it and punched my arms through the sides and pulled it down around my neck.  Then I found the shirt I had slept in the night before.  Long sleeves.  Terrific.  I pulled the sleeves on.  Hands...hands...wait a second...running socks.  A little stinky, but hey...I pulled those on and went out to face the gas pump again.  I was able to focus long enough to get through all of the annoying questions that the Smith's Marketplace gas pump wanted to ask me.  Then I waited in the backseat for the gas to pump and got back out in the cold, cold, cold, finished everything up, and got back in the driver's seat and blasted the heat.  That ziplock lady in San Francisco has nothing on me.

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seth.geri.hazel said...

Love it. Look at you staying so updated! Yes, you can steal Seth's pics...but I'm stealing the first one in this post. I was so cold, and I saw you with your camera out...I premeditated stealing this picture :)


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