Tuesday, December 14

one of those days

You know those days where you wake up at 6:00 and you are totally awake and then you think to yourself, "I'll just lay here and rest for a few more minutes" and then you wake up at 8:15 and your daughter needs to be at school in 45 minutes and you need to take a shower because the visiting teachers are coming at 9:30 and you need to run a bazillion errands with your son who is off-track as soon as the visiting teachers leave?  I had one of those days.  The morning started off a little rough, but amazingly, we were all happy and Miss Pink got to school on time.  I came home and started to pick up a bit for the visiting teachers and realized they are coming NEXT Tuesday.  (Story of my life!)

Talked Mr. Orange into running errands with me by promising him that I would help him buy a gift for Miss Pink.  (He gets more excited about picking out her gifts than his own.  Seriously.  I don't know where he came from.)  We ran our errands, he picked out a gift for Maddie and we picked her up.

The afternoon was pretty quiet until I was doing dishes in the kitchen and Mr. Orange says, "Mom!  Look how much of the red glitter Miss Pink used up!"  {insert Mr. Orange holding up an empty tube of what was once red glitter.}  I turn around and look at the table and sure enough, there is Miss Pink, proud as punch with red glitter all over her painting as well as her face, clothes, table and floor.  I start walking over to her and she just stares at me while she "absentmindedly" begins to sweep the glitter from the table onto the floor.  I dust her off, grab the vacuum and vacuum everything up including her face and clothes.

This evening I went to Enrichment and we had a great evening talking about Visiting Teaching.  Several weeks ago the Relief Society President called me to see if I would sing "His Hands".  I laughed, told her I would be happy to play it for someone else who can actually sing and tonight my neighbor sang it beautifully.  I was able to play most of the notes correctly.  It's amazing how much better you can play the piano when you don't have 20 little fingers trying to help you play!

So after this wonderful night of sisterhood I come home and Mr. Blue tells me the kids are in bed.  He left to help someone move some furniture.  The kids were quiet so I figured they were asleep and decided to finish up the dishes that Mr. Blue has forgotten about.  (He seriously forgets about them, not on purpose either.)  After the dishes were done I went upstairs to change my clothes so that I could start working on my project for the kids Christmas present.  Both of the kids doors are shut with the lights on. Never a good sign.  I peek in at Mr. Orange and he is setting up a train track.  He promises to go to bed as soon as he is done.

I move on to Miss Pink's room.  I opened the door and discovered a winter wonderland in her bedroom.  She had climbed on top of her old changing table and found an old bottle of powder.  I didn't even know there was powder still in her room!!!  She must have had a lot of fun with it because there was powder all over her bed, the floor, her little rocking chair, the big rocking chair, the changing table, dresser, bookcase, you name it, it had powder on it.
I took one look at her, took a deep breath, and very quietly asked her to get in the tub.  (I was very proud of myself for not flying off the handle like I usually would!)  She soaked in the tub while I vacuumed and wiped down every square inch of her room.
I was vacuuming the ottoman when she walked in, bundled up in her towel, and she came over to me.  I turned off the vacuum and she said, "Mom.  I'm sorry for getting powder all over the room."  I just hugged her.  She's so sweet.  This whole incident reminded me of another day, not so long ago...
when Mr. Orange was supposed to be taking a nap...
but was playing instead.

It was just another one of those days here.

How was it for you?

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