Sunday, February 27

the oscars

It was that time of year for me to pack up my "Oscar" and defend my title.  We get together with Mr. Blue's family each year to watch the Oscar's.  Last year I won.  It was pretty amazing since I had probably seen two of the movies.  I won an Oscar and Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  This year a lot was on the line.  :)

We arrived at my in-law's and filled out our ballots.  It's very official.  No changes can be made once the Oscar's start.  I guessed on pretty much all of them.  I usually try to listen to the star trash on the radio for a few weeks leading up to the Oscar's and get in as much E! News as I can possibly handle.  My mind was elsewhere this February, so I did not get in my celebrity gossip like I should have.  I'm not trying to make excuses.  Really, I am not.  However, because I was not paying attention to very important things like, which film will win Best Animated Short? I had to guess on quite a few categories.

The Oscar's began and I was not even mildly impressed with the hosts.  (Who in the world decided to have Anne Hathaway and James Franco host the Oscar's by the way????  Just curious.)  As the night moved on I realized I was in serious danger of losing my title.  I ended up with a 12/24.  Not too shabby for guessing on 90% of the categories.  My mother-in-law kicks our trash every year, but we decided long ago that her ballot doesn't count.  Maybe we'll change that in the future if any of us can actually beat her (you're going down my sweet MIL).  :)  Mr. Blue and my brother-in-law ended up in a tie with 15 a piece.  Nobody has every tied before so they decided to duel it out in ping pong.  I knew that was over before it began.  My brother-in-law stomped on Mr. Blue soundly.  I turned over my Oscar and they took home the prized ice cream.  I plan to redeem myself next year.  Mark my words.

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