Sunday, April 17

Sunday splash

The weather was nice this afternoon so we took the kids to one of our favorite parks.  They played on the playground for a really long time then they asked if we could go "look" at the lake.  They promised they would not get in the water.  
(We all know how sand, water, and kids goes....)
Mr. Orange spent the next hour or so digging a river and making islands between the two docks.
 I'm pretty sure that he didn't even look up except maybe once or twice to tell me stop taking pictures.  He was busy!
Miss Pink ran up and down the beach.
I'm pretty sure she ran about 5 miles.
 She listened really well and kept her clothes dry.
It was amazing how dry her clothes were after a few face plants in the mud.
 Her favorite part was having Mr. Blue chase her.
She squealed and giggled the whole time.
Sometimes I think I get so busy with the day to day stuff that I forget to take the time to appreciate the kids that I have been blessed with.  My heart was full of gratitude today for these little spirits that have been sent to me.
They are my treasure.

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