Monday, December 5

{Monday Memory} Mr. Orange turns SIX!

Because I took a few six months off from my blog, I decided that rather than overload you with our summer adventures I would do a {Monday Memory} each Monday to recap some of my favorite happenings that took place this past summer.  They will not be in any particular order.

So for today's {Monday Memory}...

Six years ago on June 28th, Mr. Orange made his appearance to the world.  I wasn't so sure the two of us were going to make it through the delivery.  After many, many, many, many, did I say many? hours of labor and pushing - without drugs and with - this stubborn little guy became part of our family.
(Picture taken by father-in-law)
His 6th birthday was a bit better than his original birthday.
He wanted abelskeivers (sp?) for his birthday, so Mr. Blue and I woke up extra early to get them ready before Mr. Orange had to got to school.  Hooray for year-round school!!
The only thing that Mr. Orange wanted for his birthday was a UTAH hat.
Think he was excited to get it?
Such a cutie.  I mean he really is a cutie!
Each year I try my best to make the kids the cake that they want.  I have had some hits and some near misses.  Mr. Orange really wanted a Pirate cake with an ocean, beach, volcano (complete with lava), and  a ship and pirates climbing up the volcano and falling in.  (Really????  Who does he think I am?  The Cake Boss??)  Well, I harnessed my inner Buddy and did my best.  Mr. Orange was thrilled with the cake I made.  I admit it was pretty awesome - and tasty too!
When Mr. Orange got home from Kindergarten we had a backyard pirate party.  The kids seemed to have a great time.  Mr. Orange told me it was, "The Best Party EVER!!!"  (He's easy to please.)
Later in the evening Mr. Orange had his favorite meal:
Chicken Rollups
Cream of Chicken gravy

My sister and her family joined us.  He opened up some more presents, including this rocket that entertained us throughout the summer (more posts on that later), and we walked to a local ice cream shop for a treat.

I am so thankful that this guy came into my world 6 years ago.  He is a wonderfully sweet little boy who can drive me absolutely up the wall.  :)  He never ceases to surprise me.  His creativity is endless.  He cares so much about his younger sister and they are best friends.  

I love him, I love him, I love him.

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