Saturday, February 4

Oh, do we HAVE to???

I just love days like today.
I ran this morning and it was cold, sunny, and beautiful.
Mr. Blue needed to work today so around 11:30 I made my two little "slugs" (because they wouldn't move off the couch and I knew that I would just eat cookie dough if we stayed home) get up to go for a walk.
(Ugh!  Mom!  Do we have to???  Why can't we just watch TV??????)
You would have thought that I asked them to pull out all of their arm hairs one at a time - that's how thrrrrrillllled they were about going on a walk.
We put our jackets on (with much screaming, yelling, and gnashing of teeth on their part) and off we went.
We decided to walk over to the temple.
The walk started off slooooowly.
Miss Pink needed a drink of water 5 minutes from our house.
Her legs were tired 2 minutes after that.
Um, I think you get the idea.
I was afraid we weren't going to make it to the temple, let alone our house!
Surprisingly, Miss Pink rode her bike the entire time.
When we got to the temple, Mr. Orange wanted to keep going.
I told him we should probably head home (since I wasn't quite sure we were going to make it home) and if they wanted to ride their bikes somewhere else, they could.
On our way back Mr. Orange was having a hard time pushing his bike up the ramp in the raised crosswalk.
I offered to take it up for him (since he had banged his shins on the pedals - multiple times - in the crosswalk on the way to the temple).
Miss Pink started to ride her bike up the ramp.
Uh, the ramps are a bit steep.
Particularly for a girl that really likes to ride on flat ground.
She started to push her bike up and Mr. Orange walked over to her and said, "Here, I'll take your bike.  You can just walk."
{Insert Proud Momma here!}
We made it all the way home.
I am loving these mild winter days.
Is anyone else afraid that winter is going to hit in March and last until June???

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geri said...

I love it!!

And sounds EXACTLY like our day! Run, gnashing of teeth and walk all combined! Love it.


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