Friday, May 31


May, in an Instagram nutshell.
 Miss Pink continues to get into mischief, always.  From glitter glue and fake spiders in the sink, bugs in the house, to mom's makeup.  I promise it was makeup.  She's not crying blood.  Just looks like it.
 Early in the month, Miss Pink was able to pet a furry bunny and she almost had to stay at the school because she couldn't let it go.  Our pool opened back up and she insisted on getting in the day it opened, even if it was chilly.  Face painting was a must at the picnic.  She loves helping - from helping me babysit, cleaning the back windows, mopping, you name it.  One day she sat down at the table with all of my nail polish.  When I looked at her I caught a glimpse of what she's going to look like in 10 years.  She'll be a beauty.  :)
Mr. Orange somehow stayed away from my camera this month.  One night I had put him and Miss Pink to bed.  Hours later they were still laughing and giggling in their room.  The next night I asked why they couldn't get to sleep.  Miss Pink said it was because Mr. Orange was telling her bedtime stories that were "too funny!"  He is a great storyteller.  He also helped Mr. Blue with a big project that we worked on.  He was a huge help.  I think he really just liked being in the dirt.  Mr. Orange spends a lot of time working on his silly faces.  He has an endless supply of them.

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