Thursday, October 28

the witch

Miss Pink started dance lessons a few weeks ago.
Yesterday her teacher had the students do a little Halloween show for the parents.
 I helped her get into her costume (and taps - as she calls them) and she went wild with the camera.
 This is her best witch face.  Pretty scary, right?
 Miss Pink was a little shy during the performance.  She just started actually dancing with her teacher this week.  Before she would just sit to the side and watch.  The funny thing about that is that Miss Pink never stops dancing at home!  The performance was totally cute.  I am so grateful that we found this teacher.  She is awesome.
Miss Pink "had" to get dressed up again today.  It was the preschool parade!
I think she would sleep in this costume if I would let her.
I'm in love with this girl.  She's too cute for words.  I know I'm biased, but I'm just sayin'....

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