Saturday, October 30


 Mr. Orange decided that he wanted to be Batman this year.  I didn't even know he knew who Batman was!  (overprotective mom as far as movies and tv go)  I wanted to make him a costume, but I procrastinated too long (as usual) and we were at the Halloween Store a few days before Halloween.  There was a retro Batman costume that had my vote.  Mr. Orange shot that down and was pretty adamant that he wanted the black costume.  We walked out of the store with it and he was pleased as punch.

Friday was the school Halloween parade.  I was barely able to get a picture of Mr. Orange as he zipped past me.  Man alive those kids walk fast!!!  After the parade I stayed and helped with the kindergarten Halloween party.  Wow is all I can say.  They have an awesome room mother.  (No, I am not the awesome room mother, but thanks for thinking that!)  She had everything organized and ready, the rest of us just had to show up.  I was in charge of the ghost catching game.  I am not sure who had more fun at the party.  Me or Mr. Orange.  I think it might be a tie.
Mr. Orange loved the slime that his teacher made.  It had goblin guts and bat bones in it.  He played with it for hours after school.
I can tell that this costume and Mr. Orange are going to be great friends.  He hardly takes it off.  He plays with slime in it, write notes to people he knows, ponders the mysteries of life, digs his way to China in the backyard...
 Great idea Robin.  Let me write that down.
the only picture I could get of him in his costume!

DISCLAIMER: As you read this blog you may notice that there are more pictures of Miss Pink than Mr. Orange.  That is simply because Miss Pink ADORES the camera and Mr. Orange HATES it. And there you have it.

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