Friday, November 12

first day of school

I realize that school started several months ago...but Mr. Orange and Miss Pink were so excited to start school that I would feel bad if I never posted their "first day of school" pics.
Mr. Orange was excited and nervous to go to Kindergarten.  School starts early (well, early for us anyway) so we took these pictures super fast so he wouldn't be late on his first day.
 I took Mason to school, we said a little prayer in the parking lot, and then I went inside with him to help him find his seat.  I was worried about how he would do.  He took some summer camps at Thanksgiving Point and would cry and cry and cry when I would leave.  It just broke my heart!  I didn't want that to happen on the first day.  I made sure he was okay then turned to leave.  I took one last look at him when I was at the door.  He had on the bravest five year old face!

After school I picked him up and on the drive home we were talking about his first day.  He said that he had really liked it.  I asked him if he was okay when I left.  He said, "Mom, I wanted to cry when you were leaving, but then I felt a 'warm comforting' and I that's why I didn't cry."  {insert sigh and huge hug here}

Towards the end of his first week he came home and said, "Mom!  Mrs. Y. is MAGIC!!!!"
"Oh, really? How do you know?"
"Because she did magic in class today.  She held this thing in her hand and a white thing came out of the ceiling.  Then she did something on her desk and there was a light on the sheet.  She put something on her desk and WE COULD SEE IT ON THE SHEET!!!!  It was so cool, Mom.  Mrs. Y is magic."
Oh, I love magic projectors.  :) 
 Miss Pink went to preschool in August.  She looooved taking her first day of school pictures.  (We had a bit more time.)
She was so excited to go.  I was sad that I did not get to take her.  Mr. Blue was able to.  It was my first day as a volunteer in Mr. Orange's classroom.
 I would love to say that Miss Pink always races out of the car and up the steps to the preschool, but that would be a LIE.  In fact, it's usually and all out war before school.  We'll pick out an outfit and it takes several minutes to get her into it.  Then I somehow manage to buckle a kicking and screaming Miss Pink into the car.  As soon as I shut the garage door she'll scream, "I don't want to wear (insert any article of clothing that she has on)!!!  I wanted to wear (insert any article of clothing that she said no to 5 minutes earlier while getting dressed)!!!!!!  It goes on and on for the 4 minute drive to school.  Then she doesn't want to get out of the car, then she needs 500 hugs and kisses, then....  Bless her teacher's heart!  If her teacher didn't continue to tell me that she stops as soon as she gets in the door, and Miss Pink didn't run out of preschool when it was over with a HUMONGOUS smile on her face, and if she didn't continue to talk about it for the rest of the day, I would give up.  Progress has been made, however.  Miss Pink went this past Tuesday without any kicking or screaming or crying or...

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Brande J. said...

Your kids are getting so big and they are adorable! Cute blog :) And good job on those wedding pictures, are amazing.


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