Thursday, November 4

pretty pru

We walked to the library today to return our books.  Wouldn't you know it, I had a fine and I can't seem to find one of  the books that needed to be returned.  Sometimes I think it's cheaper just to buy the books.
I was hoping the book bag would be lighter on the walk home, but not so.  We can't escape the library without AT LEAST a gajillion books.  I'm going to turn into the Hunchback if my kids don't stop reading soon!

Anyway, we made it home and started to read some of the books.  We pulled out "Pretty Pru" and read a few pages.  I turned the next page and started to laugh!  One of the animals has mascara all over his eyelids!  It was hilarious.  It reminded me of when Mr. Orange did this:

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