Sunday, December 5

Christmas Lights

We put up all of our indoor Christmas stuff last Monday but it's been snowy all week.  By Thursday Mr. Orange was begging to put the lights up outside.  In his excitement he broke several of the bulbs on our outdoor strand of lights.  I picked up some more lights and today he went out with Miss Pink and Mr. Blue.
 Mr. Orange was pretty particular about where the lights should go.  He's excited that the lights this year are colored.  I'm not sure about colored lights.  I prefer the clear lights.  But we only have one little bush out front and he's only going to be this excited about Christmas for a few years, so what the heck.
 Miss Pink was soooooo excited to turn the lights on.  Too bad they wouldn't work.  Something is wrong with the outlet.  Mr. Blue flipped every fuse (or is it breaker?) in the house trying to get it to work.  I told him to plug it in inside the garage and to find the orange extension cord.  He went into the garage after the extension cord and couldn't find it.  I sent him back three times to look for it.  He still couldn't find it. I went in and 2 minutes later came out with the extension cord in my hand.  Can't wait to see the lights in the dark.

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Dad said...

I like colored lights too!


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