Thursday, December 16


I checked the mail this evening and found a few Christmas cards, a bill, and Mr. Blue's paycheck (which was a little bigger than usual).  I opened the Christmas cards and found that one of them did not have a return address on it.  It felt thicker than the other cards we received, so I figured one of the families that we know must have had a lot to say this year.  I opened it and there was a short printed message as well as two really, really nice gift cards inside.  My eyes immediately started to water.  Mr. Blue and I looked everywhere on the card and envelope to see if it was signed anywhere.  This gift came completely anonymous.  I am so grateful to this person and their generosity at this time.  They are an angel and an answer to prayers.  If you read this, thank you.  I hope to be able to pay this gift forward in some way and be the answer to another's prayers.

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