Sunday, December 19

road trip

My brother had another reception, in the LA area, over the weekend.  My older sister and I decided to road trip our way there and leave our husbands at home with the kids.  I picked her up dark and early at the crack of 5:30 on Friday morning.  We stopped in Las Vegas at the outlets and did some shopping and picked up a Christmas gift or two.  After about 3 hours we figured we better make our way to LA at some point.  We stopped in Barstow and from then on it was rain, rain, and more rain.  We stayed in my father-in-law's apartment in Venice.  We were glad we grabbed dinner on the way there because we were both too tired to get up again once we sat down!

Saturday was the day of the reception.  My sister and I slept in, then decided to walk up the boardwalk to Santa Monica.  Since it was raining, none of the "regulars" were out.  Although there was one guy who made our day.  He was an older man, very scraggly looking, and he came towards us on a longboard.  We looked at him and he looked at us and he said, "I'll be anything you want me to be for a McDonald's Happy Meal and a doobie."  We walked a few steps and as he passed us on his longboard he added, "I clean up real nice."  We giggled about that for the rest of the weekend.
On the Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica
The ocean was beautiful.
Once we got into Santa Monica, we wandered through a farmer's market and totally missed our local one.  Looking forward to next summer for fresh fruit and veggies!!!  We found a sushi restaurant, yangzte, and sat at the sushi bar.  The sushi chef made us some delicious rolls and we stuffed ourselves silly!  Then we walked over to angelato cafe for some gelato (and hot chocolate for the walk home).

We made it back to the apartment in just enough time to shower and drive over to the reception.  We had just gotten on the freeway when our GPS lady announced, "Severe traffic.  Recalculating!"  Whatever she did worked and we made it there without a hitch.

D & M's reception was really nice.  I totally forgot to take any pictures.  But I did keep myself busy eating the eclairs.  I thought my brother was going to pass out a time or two.  He has a herniated disk that is bothering him, so he was sporting a pretty snazzy brace.  We (my two sisters, mother, and I - yes, the poor boy has four mothers!) made sure he was fed and watered and he made it through the evening with a smile on his face.  Afterwards we all headed to TGI Fridays and ate dinner.  I didn't realize what time we started to eat dinner because when my sister and I left the restaurant it was 1:00 a.m.!

Sunday morning we headed home through the rain again with the GPS lady "recalculating" us onto about 13 different freeways before we finally ended up on I-15.  The drive home was rainy and uneventful.  On the way home my sister mentioned that she wished we had had a video camera in the car so that we could tape the different parts of the trip:  singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs (we are no Mariah Carey's!), hyperactivity caused by sugar overload, sugar coma due to sugar overload, deep conversations (not really that deep, but deep enough), driver alert and passenger sleeping and drooling, etc., etc.

Road trips are fun, but "boy it's good to be back home again".


Kellie Openshaw said...

Thanks for going with me - I had so much fun - we must do it again. Love you!

mommaquincy said...

Sounds like an awesome GPS!


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