Friday, January 14

fresh start

Because I was so grouchy yesterday, I figured I should probably go to bed early last night.  I had been up until 1:00 (or later, more on that below) for a few nights, so I was tired.  I was catching up on a few shows after the kids went to bed and by 9:00 I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Mr. Blue and I were in the middle of a 30 Rock episode, so I figured I could wait it out.  It was almost painful and I fell asleep.  Finally it was over.  Mr. Blue was kind and came to bed with me.  I can't sleep when he isn't by my side.  By 9:45 we were in bed.  I was asleep within 5 minutes.  It was so nice to get a good night's rest.

Today I feel happy, rested and grateful for many things.  A few are:
I love Mr. Blue for making our bed every morning, going to work day in and day out, and his phone calls throughout the day because he is just checking in to see how I am doing.
Mr. Orange for giving me this face and asking me "Mom?  Why are you so grouchy?"
(Obviously that question came yesterday.)
Miss Pink for trying out several silly faces each day.
 Mr. Orange and the HUGE smile he has on his face every day after school.
When I ask him what his favorite part of the day was he always says, "All of it."
I love watching him learn.  He is becoming an excellent reader and I am grateful for the time we spend each day reading and the opportunity I have to volunteer in his classroom each week.
I love, love, love watching this girl dance and spin around the house.
I also love to hear her sing.  She is always singing some little diddy that she just made up.
Just the other day she was singing in the car and Mr. Orange said, "Mom, Miss Pink is just like Annie on Little Einstein's".  Me, "How is that?"  Mr. Orange, "She makes up fun songs and sings them so beautifully."
 I know you are really wondering why on earth I was up so late the other night.  Right?  Well, if not, stop reading now.  If you're curious and want to hear a good story, keep reading.

Mr. Blue went to Logan to deliver a medical device.  (His second job that keeps us in our home.)  He ended up at a guy's house way out in the middle of nowhere.  Closest town - Preston, ID.  After he got the guy situated with his medical device he left and hopped in his car.  The key wouldn't budge.  Mr. Blue wriggled and jiggled the key - no luck.

The guy called a tow truck and Mr. Blue found himself in Logan for the night.  I really thought the kids and I would be driving up there to rescue him which would not have been all bad because I could have gotten some Aggie Ice Cream out of the deal.  Mr. Blue said the company would pay for his hotel for the night and that he was okay.

He ran over to Subway for dinner while he heated up his hotel room.  When he got back, his hotel room still wasn't warm.  He decided to go for a nice jog in at least negative 4 degrees, in his dress clothes and shoes to the Fresh Market up the street.  (I guess he wanted to take his contacts our or something.  Crazy.)  His phone died so there was radio silence until he called me the next morning.

The next morning he called when his car was up and running again.  He was able to find pajamas as well as contacts stuff and a toothbrush.  He froze all night.  I didn't feel too bad about the freezing part.  I stayed up, blogging, until 2:30 in the morning in front of my drafty window.  My fingers were so cold when I went to bed that the warm water hurt when I washed my hands.  Anyway, back to Mr. Blue, this story is about him after all...

That morning he ran over to the car dealership where his car had been dropped off.  In order to stay warm he just put his dress clothes over his sweatpants and t-shirt he slept in.  (Grubby, I know.)  The car dealership spent a few hours trying to figure out what was going on.  They took out fuses, checked the wiring, and talked about replacing the ignition.  The whole time Mr. Blue was giving them his opinion, I'm sure they loved that.  Finally they gave in and called a locksmith.  The locksmith came and pulled a piece of tape out of the ignition that had gotten stuck on Mr. Blue's key when he opened the medical device box.  Five minutes later he was on the road home.

Lessons learned:

If you are going to slice through tape with your car key, make sure the tape is off the key before sticking it into your ignition.

Sometimes in life, the problem seems unsolvable, when we really just need to trust our instincts and keep it simple.

Next time you are stuck in Logan, pick up some Aggie Ice Cream for the love of your life.
{Hint, Hint!}
{The love of your life really likes the Whoppers variety and hasn't had any for many, many years.}

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