Sunday, January 2


Nine o'clock church was a rough one today.  Actually, it was rough for Miss Pink.  The rest of us were okay with the idea.  Mr. Blue needed to go to church early today so he took Mr. Orange with him.  That left me home with a SCREAMING Miss Pink.  I pulled out a dress, no I don't want that one.  How about this one?  No I hate that dress.  She pretty much wanted to go to church in her jammies.  There was a point where I wanted to throw my hands in the air and say fine.  Go in your jammies and go with that big rat's nest in your hair too!  I don't care anymore!  However, I did manage to get her into a dress, tights, shoes, coat, and even managed to round brush her hair a bit.  We were only about 20 minutes late to church after that battle.

Later I was sitting in Primary (I'm in the Presidency so I get to sit up front and look at all of the cute kids), wen I realized that BOTH of my kids are in Primary now!  When did that happen?  Mr. Orange looked so grown up!  So did Miss Pink (she had found her smile by then and was cute as can be).  They were both singing along with our awesome song leader and Miss Pink even sat still through Sharing Time.  I was so proud of her.  And I was really glad that I didn't give in and let her go to church in her jammies.

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