Wednesday, January 5

chocolate dolphins

A friend of Mr. Blue's gave him some See's chocolates earlier in the week. He brought them inside and we were all having fun biting into the chocolates and trying to figure out what kind it was and whether or not we wanted to finish it or trade with someone else.  We were almost to the end (and we were just about to be sick) when Mr. Orange picked up a piece of chocolate that had a bit of nougat coming out of the side.

Mr. Orange:  Oh, look!  It's a dolphin chocolate.
Mr. Blue:  What?  How do you know?
Mr. Orange:  It's a dolphin chocolate, see? You can totally see it coming out of the chocolate.

***A little later***

Mr. Orange:  (After biting into the chocolate) Hey!  Look!  Here are the dolphins guts!  See?  You can see the bones right here, and here is some blood, and...

I don't know about you, but I don't want a piece of dolphin chocolate.


seth.geri.hazel said...

I assure you I will not eat a chocolate the same again :)

Andrea Holley said...

That's really funny!


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