Sunday, January 9


Mr. Blue went to church early again to shovel the walks with his Deacons.  That left me to get the kids and myself ready.  Not usually a daunting task, however, I remembered at 8:10 that Mr. Orange had the talk in Primary.  I scurried around and he and I cut things out, glued, and came up with a pretty decent talk.

Then the trouble began.  I was cleaning things up a bit and I asked Mr. Orange to please go and start putting on his clothes.  Well, you know how that went.  It was like he was a stone wall.  I went upstairs with Miss Pink, who was, surprisingly, happy to get ready for church.  I got her all ready for church while yelling down the stairs for Mr. Orange to get-upstairs-or-else!!!!!  He finally came up when I threatened to take his blanket away.  He was in his room "getting ready" while I brushed my teeth and found my shoes.  I came to his room and there he stood, still in his underpants.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  He makes me crazy sometimes!!!  I threw his clothes on him, told him he would be lucky to get his blanket back tonight when he went to bed and off we went to church, me fuming, him crying, and Miss Pink singing songs in the back of the car.  We made it to church in time to sit down by Mr. Blue right as the Sacrament song ended.  This 9 a.m. church thing better get easier.  I'm ready to eat my young.

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Kellie Openshaw said...

That right there explains our inactivity this past year. I am so thankful for 11 am church.


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