Monday, January 10


I was watching my nephews this morning and they came with me to pick my kids up from school and dance.  We had just picked up Mr. Orange from school and we were waiting for Miss Pink's dance class to end when Mr. Orange and cousin D started talking about dinosaurs.

Mr. Orange:  Mom.  DId you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex's are HUGE?  So are sharp tooths.  Mom?  What's a sharp tooth?
Me:  Well, I think a T-Rex and a sharp tooth are the same thing.
Cousin D:  No, Sharp Tooth is Spanish for Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Me:  Wow!  Do you know Spanish?
Cousin D:  No.  But my neighbor, J, knows Spanish.  My dad speaks German.
Mr. Orange:  Wow!  How does he know German?  My dad knows Italian.  It's like Spanish.

And on and on it went.

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Kellie Openshaw said...

Love it. D is always translating for us...the other day we learned that "delicious" in spanish is "mmmm".... and on it goes...


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