Wednesday, January 12

running turtles

Last week my sister and I decided we need to run a half marathon in April.
I realized this morning that I actually need to RUN before April if I am going to finish the blasted thing.
(I haven't done very much running since I ran a marathon last June.)
Since Mr. Orange has Kindergarten in the morning, I decided to go while Miss Pink was at dance class.
I dropped her off, ran home and put on a gazillion layers of running clothes and headed out for a nice l o n g TWO MILE run.
I was actually worried that I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing.
I did.
I felt like ROCKY.
No, really, I did.
 I ran like a turtle.
 I was seriously slooooooow.
 Somehow I made it home and felt great.
 I'm so glad I get to do my long run this weekend with my sister.
4 miles alone can kill a girl off!
It's 8:45 pm and I still have not been able to shower.
I realized as I left my neighborhood that playgroup would be going on as soon as I picked my kids up.
I finished my run, put on clean underpants, my sweats, a touch of mascara, tousled my (3 days without washing) hair, and ran to pick the kids up.
Had fun at playgroup.
Let's face it, playgroup is all about the mom's.  It's just a bonus for the kids that there are other kids there for them to play with.
Fed the kids lunch.
Made the yummiest salsa in the whole wide world.
(It's seriously soooo good.  I won't tell you how much of it I ate!)
Made a gift for my neighbor.
Delivered it (and some salsa) to her and chatted until my kids pulled me out of her door.
Took pictures of my dirty running shoes.
Miss Pink decided to put turtles on my shoes.
Very fitting since I ran like one today.
Realized I had taken way too long taking pictures and needed to get Mr. Orange to tumbling.
He was only 10 minutes late.  Oops.  My bad!
Made pancakes for dinner.
I was grumpy.
Kids asked why.
I said, "Because my tummy is mad at me!  It's saying, 'Give me food NOW!!!'"
I was not so grumpy after dinner.
Kids were angels.
Gave me lots of thank you's for dinner's, hugs, and kisses.
Went to bed without argument.
Now I need to iron.
Then  I can shower.
Please don't come over.
I really do stink.
But I ran TWO miles today without stopping.
Yeah Me!

1 comment:

seth.geri.hazel said...

Seriously so proud of you! I will bookmark this and re-read it in June, when I can start running again. Heaven knows one mile will kill me with the double stroller (at least I plan to blame the double stroller for my slow death). :)

How about you guys come run with me in the fall? ;)


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