Friday, February 4


There are times when you wake up in the morning and feel like your world is crashing in around you.  Today was one of those days.  This past week has been physically and emotionally exhausting for me.  It all came to a head this morning and I had a really rough start.  I shed many tears and my husband ended up turning around from a meeting he was headed to just to be with me when I needed him.  He has been so wonderful: taking kids to school, picking them up, helping me with everything under the sun.  My kids were so loving.  My sister took my kids this afternoon so that I could have some peace.  My other sister has checked in on me and my mom's shoulders must be tired from carrying my burdens as well as all the others that she shoulders with so much grace.  I am so grateful that a day that started out so rough has turned into a day filled with peace, rest, laughter, smiles, and many, many blessings.  I have leaned on many heavily the past few days, but I have leaned on my Heavenly Father the most.  I am so grateful for his watchful eye and his tender mercies.  This week (and especially yesterday and today) have been filled with His tender mercies.

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Stephanie said...

I hope everything is okay. You can call me or run over if you ever need someone to listen. We could cry together. (I've been doing a lot of that lately.) Then we could eat a whole bag of chocolate chips. That always makes me feel better :)


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