Sunday, February 6

young love

I had tears in my eyes during Primary today...

During singing time, the song leader was having kids roll two cubes to let them know which song they were going to sing, and how they were going to sing it.  One of the cute little 4 y.o. girls was called up and then the song leader called up Mr. Orange.

The song leader says to the cute little girl (CLG):  Is it okay with you if Mr. Orange is up here with you?
CLG:  Oh yes.  I LOVE him!  We are going to get MARRIED!  He is my boyfriend.  I will just hold on to him while we are up here!
(By this time all of us are about to burst open from holding in laughter.)
Mr. Orange and CLG turn around to face the rest of the kids and I watch as her arm slowly goes around his waist to pull him closer to herself.  He, nonchalantly, moved a step further away from her.

They go ahead and roll their die and sit back down in their seats (CLG made sure to get a nice looooong look at Mr. Orange before returning to her seat...).  The song leader then announces the next song and says that it will be "girls only".  I hear a "Boo-ya!"  I lean over to the other counselor and whisper, "Did Mr. Orange really just say 'Boo-ya?'"  She nodded.  He continued with the comedy routine throughout the rest of Primary.

Back to CLG.  She is the cutest little thing and she loves Mr. Orange to bits and pieces.  She introduces him to everyone (and I mean everyone!) that she knows and will tell them, "This is Mr. Orange.  I love him.  We are going to get married."

Wouldn't it be funny if someday they did?

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