Wednesday, February 16

more young love...

As I mentioned in my previous post, the kids went to bed at 6:30 on Valentine's Day.  At 7:30 on Valentine's Day our doorbell rang.  Mr. Blue answered the door.  On our front porch was Cute Little Girl (CLG) with cupcakes and Valentine's for Mr. Orange.  Mr. Blue told her that Mr. Orange was in bed and CLG looked crushed.  She handed Mr. Blue the cupcakes and Valentine's and went home, sad, with her mom.


I helped in Mr. Orange's class that morning for the Valentine's Day party.  One of the stations was to make a Valentine for someone special.  I was standing near him when the (Super Stellar) room mother told them what they would be doing at each station.  When she told them about the Valentine station, Mr. Orange leans toward me and whispers, "I am going to make that for CLG!"  He told me he was going to make CLG that special Valentine about 3 or 4 more times.


Mr. Orange was in no shape after school to deliver a Valentine to someone who LOVES and ADORES him, so I decided we would postpone it by one day and deliver it on Tuesday.  I asked him if he wanted to give her anything along with the Valentine, and he said, "Cookies.  Chocolate cookies."  Yesterday afternoon we made chocolate cookies.  (They were really good by the way. I ate the rest of them by 1:00 today.)  We walked over to her house as soon as they came out of the oven, but no one was home.  We had to get to music class so after music class we tried to deliver them again.  CLG was at dance class but her mom promised us that she would give them to her as soon as she got home.


This afternoon we were at playgroup and CLG's mom came over to me and said, "Last night when CLG got home from dance, I showed her the Valentine and cookies that Mr. Orange brought over.  She got really excited and then started to cry.  Then CLG said, 'Oh Mom!  That's the nicest thing!'"

Have I mentioned that CLG is 4 and is probably the cutest thing in the world???


seth.geri.hazel said...

Please. How come I never had a cute boy like that when I was 4???

Kellie Openshaw said...

I am pretty sure that DCW doesn't count for me. He ended up with a black eye...


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