Sunday, March 6

bestest friend

Today I was teaching about our scripture hero of the month, Abinadi.  (Our stake has a new scripture hero each month that we introduce on Fast Sunday.  Our other scripture hero's so far have been Nephi and the Brother of Jared.)  I have to admit that Abinadi is one of my favorite people in the Book of Mormon.  I love the way he stood up for what he believed and would not deny his face, even when faced with death.  Because of this strength and courage one of wicked King Noah's priests believed what Abinadi had said, went into hiding, and began to share Abinadi's message with the people.  Alma, the priest, ended up baptizing about 450 people.  Imagine what would have happened if Abinadi had denied what he had said about Christ.

To help the kids understand I had 450 Skittles in a jar.  At the end of my lesson I poured them out onto the table to show them how many people Abinadi had ultimately brought into the gospel.  (Of course there were countless others...)  When I was done, I wrapped up the Skittles in a towel planning on putting them back in the jar before I went home.

After Primary a few of the boys thought they were being really sneaky and came up to me very quietly and out of my line of sight.  I saw their hands going for the towel and I snatched it away just before they could get the Skittles out.  They said, "Oh!  Can't we have just one?"  I said, "No, it's Fast Sunday!"  After a few more comments back and forth most of the boys left.  One of the 11 year old boys put on his sweetest face and said, "If you give me one Skittle, I will be your bestest friend in the whole world!"  I told him, "B. I am not going to give you Skittles on Fast Sunday, but we can still be best friends.  However, I am teaching Sharing Time this whole month, so I may bring a treat at some point this month."  He got really excited and sighed saying, "Oh, there's a chance."  It sort of reminded me of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber when he's trying to get a girl to go out with him and she keeps shooting him down and he says, "So your telling me I have a chance."  I guess I'll be bringing treats this month.  I can't let B. down.  :)

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