Wednesday, March 16

the mail

Our little mailman has been hard at work.  He set up his office in his room this morning and posted a sign on the door that read:
(and mail kids shop is open for free)

A little later in the day I decided to clean out a cabinet in the kitchen.  That turned into ALL of the cabinets in the kitchen and a big, huge mess.  Mr. Orange decided to move his "office" to his table and made good use of the items in the D.I. pile.  I love his supply holders.
Once he got set up with everything right where he wanted it,
he wrote letter after letter after letter.
We are down about 100 pieces of paper and 50 envelopes now.
When it was time for dinner I needed to put a sewing project from the kitchen table on top of the mail station.  Mr. Orange said he would clean it all up.  He swept up under his table and then stacked all of his supplies neatly underneath.

I'm sure tomorrow will bring another full day of mail.
I might need to get some envelopes at the dollar store if he keeps this up.  :)

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