Thursday, March 24


I am going to let you in on a little secret....


Don't tell, but....

{I have the scratchiest hands and feet on the planet!}

I was putting my kids to bed tonight and I usually rub their tummies or backs while I sing to them.
Not tonight.
My hands are like rough sandpaper.
Earlier tonight I went to get Miss Pink's hairbrush out of a bag she'd been carrying her dolls in (we spent part of the afternoon brushing out all of her doll's hair.  Good thing she's had most of them for over a year and it's the first time we've brushed them...) and the brush snagged on a ribbon that was tied to the handle of the bag.  A long string started to unravel and I tried to get it off the handle of the brush.  This caused a huge problem because my hands then decided to act like a giant piece of Velcro.  Several minutes later I got my hands untangled from the silly thing.
I'm pretty sure that right now (well, maybe not right this instant since I have a huge bottle of lotion sitting next to my keyboard and I just applied some to my hands) I could sand a piece of wood and it would be perfectly smooth.

About my feet.
My heels are in a constant state of callousy scratchiness.
It doesn't matter if it is summer, winter, spring of fall.
They are awful.
I use the foot scratcher every morning in the shower, believe it or not, and it doesn't seem to help.
My feet are just scratchy.
Just ask Mr. Blue.
At night, if he complains that his legs itch I just reach over with my heels and scratch his legs for him.
He doesn't like that very much.
If you ask me, he should be grateful.

So there you have it.
I am scratchy.

1 comment:

seth.geri.hazel said...

It would appear that I inherited my feet from you (scratch and size). :) But the hands...I can thank my muggy Maryland for keeping them supple.


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