Friday, March 25

who doesn't love tulips?

I love spring in Utah.
One day it's gorgeous and sunny.
You don't even have to wear a jacket.
The next day it's snowy and cold.
Today it's snowy and cold.
I opted to wear my comfy jeans and a sweatshirt.
The kids and I ran errands this afternoon.
These tulips caught my eye at Costco.
 Before I knew it they had jumped into the cart with the kiddos.
Mr. Orange said we should have gotten the yellow ones.
(What?  I didn't choose the purple ones.  They jumped into my cart!)
 They ended up leaving the store with us.
 When we got home I laid them on the counter and went upstairs to do something really exciting like go to the bathroom or switch the laundry or something like that...
 When I came back down I could hear the clinking of glass.
The vases are kept under the kitchen sink.
I turned the corner and there were all of the tulips with about 2 to 3 inches of their stems missing.
The clippers were laying nearby.
Mr. Orange was holding a bud vase in his hands.
I wanted to get really upset.
Instead I took a deep breath, knelt down by him and asked,
"Are you making the flowers look pretty?"
His response,
"Yes, but I can't find a vase that will fit them.  This one is too small."
Together we found a vase that worked.
The stems ended up being the perfect lengths to just throw them into a vase.
I may have to seriously consider having him cut the ends off my flowers for me since I can never seem to get it right myself.
I'm grateful I decided to breathe today instead of getting upset over something as silly as flower stems.
Now that you think I am an absolute angel, ask me how I reacted when the kids wanted to watch something on TV and were hollering up the stairs for 10 minutes for me to turn it on for them.
I was wondering in my head,
"Is there something wrong with their legs that prevents them from coming upstairs and asking me this question politely?"

{Sometimes you just need tulips from Costco}

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Andrea Holley said...

I love tulips! These purple tulips are so pretty. We have a lot of cool and different plants here in Florida but I think it's just too hot to grow tulips - I'm a little bummed when I can't see them in the spring each year. The smell of orange blossoms does help make up for it though :)


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